Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unexpected Challenges

Ell Cove tucked away on Baranof Island is a paradise escape surrounded by steep mountains and snow at sea level making this tiny little cove the perfect hideout. That is until we discovered we had an engine problem. I'll skip the 3 days of "what if's" and get to the solution- pilot and mechanic Bill Salt of Salty Marine flew in this morning and was able to to find the problem which was no small feat. he needed to fly back to Sitka for parts, I tagged along for the breathtaking flight. By 3:00 Cape St. James was back to her old self and the crew relieved.

Big Thank You's to; Mark at Auxiliary Marine in Seattle, Bill in Sitka and of course captain Jim who kept the crew from panic with back up plans at the ready.

Weather report--HOT!!!

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