Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hoonah means “the place where the north wind doesn’t blow.” It’s the principal village for the Huna, a Tlingit tribe who occupied the area for centuries, and the largest Tlingit village in southeast Alaska.

The glacier Bay Huna people were driven from their homes by glacial advances between 1400 AD and 1750 AD. They eventually moved to an ice-free natural harbor on the northeast corner of Chichagof Island. The population of the village today is 850. We arrived on 6-8-09 and at approximately 4:30 two yearly cubs scampered across the breakwater right behind Cape St. James. Amazing!!!!
For more information on Hoonah follow the link.

Questions Asked:
Where are you headed next? Our plans are to go into Glacier Bay for a week then sail the outside of Chichagof and Baranof Islands, this is where we will finally blow up the dinghy and begin to fish and crab-and eat much better.

What exactly happened to the engine? A bolt from the gear box jammed in the engine's flywheel.

Are all the photos of the same bear? Yes, they are all of the same bear, he was on shore for hours, however we have seen many others, they just won’t pose for us long enough to get good photos.

Are the whale shots all of the same whale? No, we have seen so many whales we have lost count. They too are difficult to photograph as we are either sailing or they are on the move. Many times they just appear unexpectedly and of course our cameras are tucked away.

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