Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saying Good-Bye!

Being back on land meant doing all the things that dirt dwellers do, TV, movies, restaurants, internet. Entertaining ourselves while we have to be at work and not out on the seas. Who would have thought that one of the biggest passions developed was the love of the open roads. Sturgis, South Dakota started it all! That’s where I saw my dream bike. One quick trip with good friends and the next thing we know we are the proud owners of not one but eventually two Harley's.

A milestone birthday will make you quickly realize that time is not your friend. So for the big 50 I decided to get my motorcycle license, surprising everyone including myself when I actually passed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class. Never in a million years believing I would actually ride by myself.

The actual day arrived~50~. My mom planned a surprise birthday party for me (with my help) at the local casino. What fun the day was especially the presents!! Jim gave me the long jewelry box, the one I knew held the diamond bracelet I wanted. It didn’t however, it held THE KEY!! Yes, the key to my dream bike. That bike was beautiful in everyway!! And I loved it.

Many good times resulted in owning my bike. Good friends, good rides, a road trip to Sturgis, yells, hoots and hollers. What fun!! This past birthday was time to say good-bye as we begin the process of getting ready to set sail again. My beautiful bike was snapped up in a flash. Going to a great home, I hope the new owner John has as many fond memories as I do.