Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where Eagles Soar

THEY LAND!!! and that seems to be on our mast top!! Which means they grab hold of whatever they can find up there (wind instruments etc..) and crush them! After replacing the instruments we are now open to any suggestions for eagle proofing our mast top!

(some of my knitting needles seem to be missing)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pristine Wilderness


July 17th we raised the anchor and headed for the Gulf of Alaska. It was another bright sunny day. Once in the gulf we were able to get a clear view of the Fairweather Mountain range, a breathtaking treat!

Our choices were to stay in the gulf and sail down the outside of Chichagof Island or thread our way through passages with steep dynamic mountains, lush green islands and rocks everywhere. Everyone we talked with said not to miss the "inside" and we are glad we chose this route.

The abundance of wildlife still stuns our senses; otters, eagles, deer, Brown bears, whales, seals, sea lions, and Lion's Mane jellyfish are everywhere.

There are many isolated anchorages to choose from here. We are at the end of Falcon Arm which is surrounded by steep dramatic mountains. We entered Falcon Arm by following a serpentine path around two opposing points of land, giving the impression that there is no entrance or exit once inside. We can not see but hear the rush of a powerful waterfall near by. The shoreline has just enough room for grass to grow providing good eats for Brown bears and so far we have seen a sow with cub, a lone bear, plus many deer. It is so quiet that last night we heard a harbor seal snort, grunt and blow bubbles like a 5 year old in a bathtub.

Our plan is to being Coho fishing. We have been told that lack of rain this year has kept the Coho out to sea longer than usual. Our fingers are crossed-well actually the hooks are sharpened.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009



We are anchored in a tight little cove, in the back of a bay which is in the back of another bay which is protected to a degree by some islands and rocks and reefs. We are pretty snug in here even though we are right on the Gulf of Alaska at the north west end of Chichagof Island.

We went ashore two days ago and saw lots of fresh brown bear sign, scats and some big tracks while we looked for glass balls. Also saw a Sitka Deer and a mink. The big .458 Winchester was nice to have with us.

Yesterday we surprised a huge rust orange Brown Bear with black hind quarters while we came around a big rock in the dinghy. He stood up on his hind legs and then tore off at a gallop across the grass and into the trees. Wow, what a magnificent animal!

Beautiful sunny days in Alaska, and we are totally alone up here.

Monday, July 6, 2009


An old fashion 4th of July where literally everyone in town turned out for a day of family fun! The festivities began on July 3rd at 11:30 p.m. with a fireworks show over the water. The fireworks reverberated through the mountains and valleys all around us.

The morning of the 4th the town gathered around City Hall for a wedding. The bride walked the boardwalk to meet her groom who was waiting in the courtyard. After the ceremony the traditional parade began with the newlyweds acting as Grand Marshals.

The parade participants strutted their way down the entire boardwalk to the flats at the east end of town and concluded with a BBQ. Egg toss, 3 legged race, gunny sack race, penny in the hay and a town softball game provided something for everyone.

3:00 p.m. the town gathered at the marina for more activities. These events were met with gales of laughter. The first event Greased Pole- like its name a long pole was greased in Crisco, a small flag placed on the end, the pole hung horizontally over the water. The goal grab the flag win the money pot (which grows as the audience continues to give donations.) You can only image how many participants ended up in the water. The next two events were tame in comparison, the first Anything but a Boat race, where participates created something to row and raced against others. Finally Team Work, using a dinghy one person tells the rower who is blind folded where to row, they switch places and return to the start. Lots of laughs!!
The day ended with another feast in honor of the bride and groom.

Pelican is located on the northwest portion of Chichagof Island adjacent to more than 30 miles of protected "inside" waters.