Sunday, June 28, 2009

59º N

Glacier Bay was everything we expected and more.

We lifted the anchor early Saturday morning in Barlett Cove. It wasn't long before the Island Princess cruise ship hailed us on the radio to pass starboard to starboard. Jim immediately recognized the voice of John Larson from E dock at Shilshole. Small, small world. (At the end of the day we were able to meet briefly with John in Elfin Cove before he flew out.)

As soon as Cape St. James entered North Passage we were surrounded by humpback's. It was the show of a life time-that lasted for hours!

Heading south for the first time since we left Seattle took us to our next stop Elfin Cove. Elfin Cove is located on the Northwest corner of Chichagof Island and is only accessible by boat or float plane.

The community is estimated to have less than 50 residents which is due to the decline of commercial trolling. Elfin Cove has become a popular retreat for vacationers wishing to "return to nature." The entire residencies are tied together by boardwalks.

We are tied to the public dock in Elfin Cove and we can actually see the Fairweather Mountains and Brady Glacier from the dock. Spectacular!!!!

Each day I think there can't be anything more beautiful and everyday I am delightfully surprised!!

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Darby said...

Jim was actually LISTENING to the VHF???? WOW! Now nothing surprises me!

Glad all is going well up there. Jennifer and I are taking the BIG trip up north, all the way to the San Juan's. Wish us luck. Be back in a couple of weeks to read more of your blogettes.

Mole Man