Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Still Winter in Warm Spring Bay

Tied to a dock next to a very small residential community connected by board walks runs a 100 foot waterfall that once provided hydro power for the residents of "Baranof." He real draw however is the natural hot springs. There are 3 pools the first is 120º, the second is 105º and the third mixed with cold water from the roaring river. It is still winter here the .5 mile hike to the springs is still covered with 3-4 feet of snow which makes the springs that much more enjoyable. The springs are on the edge of the waterfall separated only by the rocks that form the pools. If you aren't up to the hike, No Worries, the local fisherman have created 3 bath houses over looking the bay that pipe in the mineral water.

We finally meet up with Greg and Nicole on Baraka from Shilshole. We all had an enjoyable evening sharing our Alaskan adventures to date.

The weather forecast for the coming 4 days is hot and sunny, however hot is relative with 3 feet of snow on the ground. This mornings temperature was 38º

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