Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The New Year

Happy 2013 to all of our friends and family.
 Jim and I had a wonderful Christmas season and New Years filled with lots of good food, friends and family Skypes.

We are both still enjoying Kodiak and it's activities, people, wildlife and scenery.  Jim has been flying as much as possible between weather and the flu that hasn't been much. But he has begun working on our route to the Arctic this spring. We have decided to fly there, see a little of the interior of Alaska and hopefully some wildlife neither of us have seen before.

The weather this winter has been quit warm, especially after last year. It seems to be raining hard every few days with breaks of sunny days in between. Not really much snow and as we watch the weather it seems  to be much colder in Seattle than here.

In case you were wondering ... 7.72 inches of rain so far this month. Normal for a January to this point is 6.34 inches of rain and melted snow. We have a long way to go for a record ... the January 2003 had 17.18 inches of precipitation. To even break into the top 10, we'd have to get more than a foot of rain in the month.

Boat projects are getting checked off, the list is growing smaller at the moment, but we all know it will grow  larger again.
Wishing you all smooth sailing and fair winds in 2013.