Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alistair Campbell will be missed

Sorry to say we received this email today.

Dear Zululand Yacht Club,
It is with great sadness that this announcement is sent which is of interest to all sailors, local or international.
Alistair Campbell, ZS5MU, passed away Monday, 14th February. He was well-known in the yachting community as a knowledgeable weather guru for the South African waters, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. He took location positions from those yachts checking in and gave weather forecasts as to what weather to expect on a daily basis. He held an annual party for all yachts, locals or foreign, the first weekend in December at his Sugar Plantation in Umzumbe. This past year marked 31 years of faithful service to yachtsmen. He is survived by his wife, Davina Campbell. Email address:

Services will be held at St. Anne's Anglican Church in Umzumbe on Friday, 18th February at 10 AM.