Thursday, June 4, 2009

Next Stop Tenakee Springs


Life in Tenakee Springs today is not much different that a century ago. In the remote Chichagof Island community only 45 miles southwest of Juneau, there is still the one and only general store founded in 1899. There is no community water, sewer or refuse service and homes are not fully plumbed. Residents haul water from local streams and most people depend heavily on subsistence foods; water fowl, venison, salmon and halibut. The 108º sulfur hot springs are still the center of the community. Fashioned after the Japanese bath system men and women bath separately at posted times. First a complete scrub done after which you may soak in the springs.

As we visit each of these towns along our way our goal is to find a town to stay for winter-this is NOT the town for me, while the hot springs are nice, I am not hauling water all winter long!

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