Monday, May 25, 2009

First Black bear sighting -Portage Bay


At long last Jim spotted the first Black bear. Black bears are the smallest of the North American bears. Males are larger than females, an average male in spring time weights about 180-300 pounds. They are considerably heavier in the fall prior to hibernation. We spent the afternoon watching this guy munch away.

$$$$ 's for wildlife. Each year, hunters pay a 10-11% federal excise tax on the purchase of firearms, ammunition and archery equipment. These funds are distributed to the states for wildlife conservation programs. Since the system was created in 1937, Alaska has received more than $108 million. In addition all proceeds from hunting and trapping licenses support research and management programs.

Black bears are the most abundant and wide ranging of the 3 species of North American bears. They have been observed in all states except Hawaii.

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