Tuesday, May 5, 2009


May 4,2009
We crossed the border into Alaska May 1st, dropped anchor in Foggy Bay and were treated to a record breaking temperature of 78. On May 3rd we raised the sails and had a southerly (the knot meter hitting the high 8's), we covered the last 35 miles in no time, secured moorage, cleared Customs,went to McDonald's and settled in. We weren't here 2 hours and Jim got the scoop on halibut fishing.

Today we got serious, first item get fishing licenses- which we did, picked up mail-that was fun, actually the guy holding our mail delivered it and I've looked into a 1/2 marathon walk, the Totem to Totem. The marina remembered us and many folks here were folks we met in 05, it's like coming home.

Cheers everyone,
Ketchikan Fran

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