Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Closing in on Ketchikan!


For over a week now we have woken to temperatures in the 30's with frost or ice on deck. The days have been sunny and clear. The scenery is just nonstop breathtaking.
We spent the 26th tied to a dock in Butedale and invited Lou the caretaker of 8 years to dinner. He had many wildlife stories of wolverines and white bears to share. There is still snow on the ground.

I think it was Nanimo when we first heard about a couple kayaking from WA to Alaska. We finally saw them today on our way out of Butedale. At least they have sunny days.

On a personal note;
Troy, thanks for reading our blog.
Hoptoad, I keep looking for you in each anchorage.
Jen, email your mom, you can't be that busy.
Denise, I need a mitten pattern I'm bored with socks, and Jim wears his slippers every single night, he loves them.
Mare, I'm working out 3 days a week but the coffee stop after is just no fun without you.
Inda, I'm working on crazy socks, hope they don't have to match.
Chuck and Margie, no mosquitoes yet but we are ready for when they come.
Donna, I lost your address, my mom sent the sticker to Hoptoad- you guys can talk.
Nanci, I sure hope you got Jenni's necklace in the mail, also I think I need your address-I have the old one.
Bern, How are you??
Mark and Ann we can't wait to see you for breakfast.
Vickie and Karl, yum!
Trish, every single day we thank you for the dodger.

Sightings today; Humpback whales, Dall porpoises, eagles, lots of other birds I don't know- sorry Dan- you'll need to wait for Jim to tell you.
Anchored in Lowe Inlet with a water fall behind us,in the evening huge ice chunks came flowing out the water fall and into the bay, it was pretty cool.


Margie said...

Sounds great!!
Miss you, it's going to be pretty hard to catch up with you guys.
Did you get our winlink messages?

Denise said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, despite the cold. We miss you bunches. I just e-mailed about 7 mitten patterns, ought to keep you busy for about a week!!!
m/v Discovery