Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where Eagles Soar

THEY LAND!!! and that seems to be on our mast top!! Which means they grab hold of whatever they can find up there (wind instruments etc..) and crush them! After replacing the instruments we are now open to any suggestions for eagle proofing our mast top!

(some of my knitting needles seem to be missing)


Dr. Liz said...

Want us to bring a plastic predator? like a raccoon or Great Horned Owl?
Will look forward to seeing you when we reach Sitka Thurs. July 30
Arrival 8AM
Liz and Don

Pede said...

When do you expect to be in Sitka?
Miss you lots.

Margie said...

Jim is packing right?
just kidding

Pede said...

Videos for Icy Strait Photos -Hoonah, Icy Strait Photos and Pelican don't seem to be working. This is the message that is displayed, "The video is currently not available. Please try again later."
Talk to you soon.

Pede said...

O -
Barney is in Alaska this summer too (blog address below).