Monday, July 20, 2009

Pristine Wilderness


July 17th we raised the anchor and headed for the Gulf of Alaska. It was another bright sunny day. Once in the gulf we were able to get a clear view of the Fairweather Mountain range, a breathtaking treat!

Our choices were to stay in the gulf and sail down the outside of Chichagof Island or thread our way through passages with steep dynamic mountains, lush green islands and rocks everywhere. Everyone we talked with said not to miss the "inside" and we are glad we chose this route.

The abundance of wildlife still stuns our senses; otters, eagles, deer, Brown bears, whales, seals, sea lions, and Lion's Mane jellyfish are everywhere.

There are many isolated anchorages to choose from here. We are at the end of Falcon Arm which is surrounded by steep dramatic mountains. We entered Falcon Arm by following a serpentine path around two opposing points of land, giving the impression that there is no entrance or exit once inside. We can not see but hear the rush of a powerful waterfall near by. The shoreline has just enough room for grass to grow providing good eats for Brown bears and so far we have seen a sow with cub, a lone bear, plus many deer. It is so quiet that last night we heard a harbor seal snort, grunt and blow bubbles like a 5 year old in a bathtub.

Our plan is to being Coho fishing. We have been told that lack of rain this year has kept the Coho out to sea longer than usual. Our fingers are crossed-well actually the hooks are sharpened.

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