Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stuck in a Rut!

      I've been very bad about keeping up to date with our news. Most of you already know Jim bought a new toy to play with in Alaska. Jim is presently in Denver getting ready to fly the plane back to Kodiak and then we plan to set sail after a long winters nap.
      In the mean time I've been holding down the boat. Crab Fest has come and gone here in town. It seems it is a ritual that marks the beginning of summer. I do have to say summer doesn't know it is suppose to be here. While it has warmed up I'm still in long underwear to keep warm. The rain has increased or at least it seems so.
     We have moved the boat to accommodate the fishing fleet, which are all in a hurry to get on with salmon fishing. CSJ is now in St. Herman Harbor which is on Near Island, it makes the walk to town a bit longer by 1.5 miles.
     The bears are out and folks are now spotting them, the salmon are starting to run the rivers and folks are out catching them.

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