Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So little time, so many choices?.

Since leaving Seward we have been on sensory overload. It was difficult to believe any land forms could be more dramatic and breathtaking than Prince William Sound, but as we soon discovered the Kenai Peninsula sure ups the anti.

Armed with cruising guides and local knowledge we have had to make some very hard decisions, so many anchorages, so little time. However so far we have been rewarded heavily: winds to sail, breaching humpbacks, Dall's Porpoise, otters, both sea and river, Mt. Goats, Puffins, Harbor Seals floating by on ice bergs, glaciers, glaciers, and more glaciers.

Our first stop out of Seward found us surrounded by tidal glaciers, eight in fact, stemming from mile-high Harding icefield. The water was a turquoise blue sprinkled with electric blue ice chunks. The background noise of the glaciers was never ending, reminding you of heavy traffic on I-5, the roar of the crashing ice, snow and running water, then a sudden and jarring loud rumble and boom as if there were a pile up on a highway.

Each anchorage that we have enjoyed has offered different views and perspectives of land and wildlife.

Today from the stern of CSJ I pulled in an eight pound true Cod. Yahoo!!!

Fresh dinner again.

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