Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting ready to set sail:

Charts in order, Nobeltec set up, provisions on board, shrimp and crab traps ready to set, fishing license (Jim’s is free now) in pockets, waiting for the last minute to install masthead insturments (to date eagle damage is over $$1,500.00) knitting supplies accumulated, books and magazines loaded, excitement building.

Our intended route: (all destinations will be weather driven)
Tenakee Springs, Hoonah, round Cape Spence-no sooner than June 1, Graves Harbor, Lituya Bay, Yakutat, Icy Bay, Cordova, Prince William Sound, Seward, Kenai Fjords, Afognak Island, Kodiak Island, with lots of stops in between.

More great adventures ahead.



Margie said...

Pretty exciting, new territory for CSJ. Enjoy, Love from the Hoptoad Crew

Anonymous said...

About time you left SE Alaska....
miss you guys.
Uncle Jer