Friday, November 6, 2009

Artist Evon Zerbetz holding a copy of Whalemail

Artist Evon Zerbetz did this years Whalefest sweatshirt design, in addition she designed the label for a local winery here in Sitka.
Whalemail Author: Ron Hirschi Illustrator: Evon Zerbetz- 32 pages in full color with a hard wraparound cover, velcro closure and 12 pull out postcards.

Whalemail follows the group of humpback whales that travel between Alaska and Hawaii. A research crew follows the whales’ path sending news of their fictional journey on picture postcards. The postcards pull out of whale tail envelopes. The pages of the book follow the whales in nonfiction text. It’s a fun blend of fact, fiction and fishin’ in full color!
I could not resist Whalemail and was lucky enough to get Evon to autograph a copy for our families "expected" arrival in April. This is a must have book for every child. The art work is fabulous.

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