Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa needs some serious helpers!!!

Dear Friends and Family,
Today I had the opportunity to provide science training to teachers at the Lummi Tribal School. At lunch the discussion led to Santa letters. It seems that many of the children's letters asked Santa for gloves, hats, color crayons (they could call their own) and coloring books. Over hearing this discussion I couldn't help but feel the pain these teachers have on a daily bases as they watch these little kiddos go without so much.

So how about we help them out!!!
The Fred Meyer in town is selling gloves for $1.20. The local Dollar Stores have gloves as well. I would love to get a box of gloves in the mail by Thursday so that the teachers can wrap and distribute the gifts from Santa's helpers, Us.

Here are the needs:

(figure about half boys/ half girls for all grade levels)

Kindergarten- 40 kids, 1st grade 30 kids, 2nd grade 20 kids,- 3rd grade 30 kids,

4th grade 30 kids, 5th grade 25 kids, 6th grade 30 kids

K-3rd grade --children's sizes 4-6th grade-- adult sizes.

  • You can get your items to me and I'll mail them

  • You can mail them to the school yourself

  • Or if you want to make a donation, I'll go shopping and take care of all the details

Think how much joy your small gift will mean to a child of 6 who is only asking Santa for gloves!!!

Mail items to:

Dawn Walker (Santa's Helper)

Lummi Nation School

2334 Lummi View Dr.

Bellingham, WA 98226

What do you say we help these kids out and provide a small bit of cheer.

If you feel you would like to do more think about adopting a full grade level and sending a package of coloring books, markers, crayons, pens, or pencils. Remember if you do this we need to make sure every child in that grade level receives something.

Thank you everyone in advance for your generosity. No money can go directly to the school, only items.

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