Saturday, June 21, 2008

The End of the Year!!!

We decided to celebrate the end of work with many parties. One of which the entire city of Fremont took part in. See all of the folks that came out to help us celebrate now that we are officially sailors once again!!!

Carol and I thank the staff for a wonderful send off with a Photo Story of what's to come in our lives.

A Retirement Party to Remember!!

Monday June 16, 2008 the staff of Cedar Wood Elementary out did themselves for both Carol McKissick our reading specialist and me. There were friends, family and fellow educators from around the district. A Hawaiian themed dinner, cakes, drinks and even leis were provided for the crowd. Speaking on behalf of Carol was a former now retired principal Larry O’Donald and speaking for me was my former principal and the person responsible for the vision at Cedar Wood Jim McNally, who is now assistant superintendent. Jim reminisced with the crowd of over 100 folks the many memories of opening Cedar Wood and my part in them. Given an opportunity to speak and wanting to keep things light I surprised everyone & choose to show a Year Book instead. Here’s to you Cedar Wood staff for many devoted years of excellence in educating children.

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