Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas on Board!

Christmas on board Cape St. James is a wonderful time for relaxing, enjoying each other and good food ~ yes, I cook a full traditional holiday meal, turkey included. Sailing around the world brought many unusual traditions to the forefront of our experiences. In an anchorage in Mexico we were welcomed ashore by campers who had twigs decorated with strung popcorn in open fields- where wild burros would boldly help themselves. Folks from all over gathered around a campfire to celebrate with a potluck. In South Africa the beach was a popular place to celebrate Christmas with picnics and swimming. However for me something was still missing. Nothing says Christmas like snow covered evergreen trees. So upon our return to Seattle I began a search for a symbol of Christmas and home that would travel with us from now on. Meeting the challenges of living on a sailboat meant being creative. So I hand quilted a tree. Our ornaments are photos of family and friends . So now when we set sail in June going with us will be a little of the Pacific Northwest.

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