Monday, November 19, 2007

From My Hart Jewelry

In 1997 my husband Jim and I were about to fulfill a life long dream to sail around the world.Wanting a way to record the trip I created a log necklace. Each day, special occasions, and milestones are visible through the use of only the finest quality sterling silver, hand made beads and unique mementos from the far reaches of the planet. As the winds carried the vessel across the Pacific ocean into paradise islands such as the Tuamotus, Fiji, and Vanuatu, I learned the secrets of the black pearl. Crossing the Indian ocean anchoring at the remote atoll of Cocos Keeling, and the island of Mauritius, I fine tuned my skills. In South Africa I witnessed handed down techniques of craftsmanship. The Atlantic offered more secluded islands like St. Helena, on to the Caribbean, South America and through the Panama Canal all the while new skills and techniques were begin learned. The log necklace became the catalyst to share my love of adventure and fine crafted jewelry that tells a story. All of my work is handcrafted aboard the sailing vessel “Cape St. James” where I live aboard with my husband Jim. If you would like to know more about personalized jewelry you can order you can contact us at:

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